I have a profound appreciation for gin, the intricacies of the human skin, the vastness of the sea, and an apprehension towards the inexorable passage of time.

Within the realm of visual storytelling, I am dedicated to bringing forth individual narratives. Each person possesses a unique story, written by the script of life, shaping our identities.

My approach involves a commitment to simplification, directing focus towards essential elements that resonate with the viewer. My goal is not to construct an unattainable ideal but to authentically capture moments in time.

Utilizing the visual medium, I craft narratives. A successful creation, in my perspective, lies in its ability to resonate with the viewer, offering a reflection where individuals recognize themselves within the frame—a testament to the potency of a compelling image.


Flo Waitzbauer boasts a rich professional background that spans diverse industries. Beginning his career in the music sector, he served as a Label & PR Manager for renowned entities such as Rough Trade, !K7, Zomba, Sony, and SonyBMG. Transitioning into the telecommunications realm, he contributed significantly at Ericsson and Verisign, playing a pivotal role in pioneering concepts akin to the precursor of today's music streaming services.

As a producer and remixer, Flo has left an indelible mark on the music scene, enticing audiences both as a label operator and DJ. Shifting gears from Goldton Records, he immersed himself in the cultural and journalistic music domain, contributing his expertise to esteemed institutions such as WestLicht and Austria's premier culture radio station, Ö1.

His journey continued at the forefront of digital innovation as the Head of Digital for the Belvedere, Vienna's preeminent museum. Intrigued by the dynamic intersections of culture, technology, and communication, Flo ventured into consultancy, founding the agency SUPERNATE.

In a testament to his dedication to creative pursuits, Flo just transitioned away from consultancy to fully embrace his passion for photography and painting. Currently residing in Vienna, he is deeply engrossed in several major projects, weaving his diverse experiences into a tapestry of artistic endeavors.